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The Life Story of Omer Khan Jadoon :

Omer Khan Jadoon in Nuremberg

My name is Omer Khan Jadoon. My home country is Pakistan but i am currently living in Nuremberg, Germany.

Education and Student Projects:

I completed my higher secondary schooling from Board of Intermediate and Secondary education ,Abbottabad. and completed my 12th grade with major subjects as Maths in early 2016. Then I attended University of Haripur from September 2016 to October 2020 and did Bachelors of Science in Software Engineering from the same institute. During My university time i actively participated in extra curricular activities like i was president of UOH Developers Society. I was also an active member of Univeristy of Haripur Blood donation Society. I have participated in multiple hackathons like “Digital HackFair – Building a Digital Pakistan” ( where i build an Flutter based mobile application named “Green Pakistan” ( to encourage people to buy and grow plants on their roof tops as the rooftops in Pakistan and most asian countries are flat and can be used to grow plants.I had also participated in several other coding competitions across the pakistan.

Work Experience and Projects:

From Feb 2019, I joined Jadoon Technologies (Private) Limited ( as Junior Full Stack Web and Mobile Developer.

In early 2019, I had done my first commercial project named “G Janab Services” which was a grocery delivery platform. I had created two mobile application one for rider and one for customers. and there was a web admin portal to track all the processes. It was availble for android only and had 500+ active users. ( The key feature of this app was extremely simple and user friendly interface.

In mid 2019, I worked on another mobile application named “Mobile Diagnostics” ( which was a platform to provide medical facilities at home.

In the same year 2019,I had another project named “Dealmart – Shopping and Deals”  available at which was a huge success and It had more than thousand active users.

I have build some games like Flappy Dunk 2 ( as well as Jelly Shift 2 (

I had developed a video downloader for social media named as VidGet – Social Media Video Downloader (

Also my favourite project was the Kabootar Messenger mobile app. ( The idea was taken from old times where pigeons (kabootar) were used to exchange messages.

While building these applications and their backends in web technologies. I developed an interest in web based technolgies. My early web applications were PHP based mostly in Laravel and Codeigniter, but those LAMP stack development helped me alot to clear my basics concepts about how internet and web works.I build alot of applications like HoopStreet (, Stock Master China – An Ecommerce

portal for wholesale dealers ( and so on. Then i learned ASP.NET Core and start building more robust applications in C#. one of the web application i build was “U BID I Buy Car” ( I also learned wordpress and how CMS works and built several apps in it as well e.g – Hotel Booking Service. etc. I had also build a web based Journal Management System named The Sky Science ( which was based on Open Journal System (OJS).

Then I shifted my interest towards towards MERN Stack development and i started learning React JS along with python based framworks like flask and Django.

I had developed projects like “Task Management Portal for

Orange Tree Foundation” ( in Django Framework. I also build “CV and Job Search Portal for

HireSafari” ( which was based on React JS, and Django.

TODO: Add info about blockchain based projects like marriage registration system

In October 2021, I got an opportunity to work for Goverment of Pakistan. So i joined National Radio Telecom Corporation of Pakistan (NRTC) as an Assistant Manager Artificial Intelligence Lab.

In early days i started working in the Big Data and AI Team and my task was to build an Custom web based Extract Transform Load (ETL) System for KPK Police. During that time i learned about telecommunication and how big data work. I got the opportunity to setup a private cluster to handle big data for Couter Terrorism Department KPK. I got hands on with tools like ambari, hadoop, hive, spark as well as different databases and how to optimize them.

I had worked on tools like Qlik Sense where i visualized the data and got various key insights regarding crimminals and terrorists. This system helped Law and Force Agencies to combat terrorism and our system was able to breakdown the investigation from millions of people to very few 5 ,6 peoples and can also predict the crime rate and possible terror attack using artificial intelligence.

I had also build Facial Recognition Systems and Automatic number plate recognition systems for law enforcement agencies to catch criminals/terrorists.

In June 2022, I left NRTC and in July 2022 i joined an American based company “Advance Telecom Solution” who were providing services in Artificial Intelligence and Cloud based solutions (more specifically Microsoft Azure services).

In NRTC, i build a private cloud and used to work in a environment fully surrounded by servers. and i didnt had that much experience of public cloud like azure at that time. But at Advance Telecom Solution (ATS) i got some trainings about public cloud like Microsoft Azure and Databricks. I had worked on alot of projects playing with data from various domains like medical, ecommerce, agriculture, sports, retail etc. I had build complete end to end data pipelines in Microsoft Azure.Used databricks to perform ETL, Batch Scoring, and Handling Streaming data using Kafka. I got my hands dirty on various azure services like azure storage gen 2, Cosmos DB, Azure Identity Management, virtual networks, azure security and much more.

I also got a new data visualization tool under my belt i.e power BI. I created alot of reports and dashboards in Power BI. I had learnt how to work with Virtual Machines and how to deploy various AI models in both Azure ML and in VMs.

In January 2023, I moved to Germany to do Masters of Science in Artificial Intelligence from “FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg”. I keep working remotely with Advance Telecom Solutions til Feb 2023 and in April 2023 I joined a German company named as Remote Native GmbH as Working Student Artificial Intelligence and Data Science who were building an ai based ecommerce platform named as “”.

In Remote Native I had further polish my computer vision skills and also improve my Natural Language Processing skills. I worked on Usecases like Extraction of key entities from product titles and descriptions using Named Entity Recognition.  Visual Analysis of Images to create automatic caption and to understand which color, size of cloth/shoes is present in given Image, I had also created a tool Background Removal & Replacement which removes the background and provide a very high quality image ,Another use case i worked on was Image recoloring task where you can select a color of clothing and the portion of cloth you want to apply the color to and it will automatically recolor it for you. e.g if the original t-shirt image was of blue color and you want to create 3 variants of the same t-shirt having red, green and white colors. then it will automatically apply those colors and create variants for you. I had also worked on 3d models generations of ecommerce products using Artifical Intelligence. I had also used Large Language models like GPT to automatically label the data for various use cases. I used to maintains documentation of the my research and usecases in tools like Confluence.

In Oct 2023,The company Remote Native GmbH decided to shut down the Safira project as because of recession they couldnt find potential investors to continue it and because of that i also have to say good bye to them in OCT 2023.

In December 2023 I joined Amidiro Gmbh as Working Student Generative AI and Machine Learning. and i am currently working with amidiro. My day to day jobs includes R and D about latest artificial intelligence models including Large language models, vision language models, small language models, mixture of experts models and multimodel LLMs etc. Building LLM from Scratch and fine tune existing LLM based Models like BERT, GPT, LLAMA etc. Provide Consultancy regarding AI based model development and deployment. Working on few white papers and maintaining the knowledge based ablout LLMs and Generative AI. Also i collect information regarding various Usecases of how businesses are using artificial intelligence.

I am currently pursuing my Masters degree in “Artificial Intelligence” from FAU and also working on building my “Digital AI Clone”.

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