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About Omer Khan Jadoon :

Omer Khan Jadoon is a dedicated and outcome-oriented Generative AI Engineer and Consultant, having over four years of comprehensive experience in the domains of machine learning, predictive analytics, and Generative AI. My expertise extends to building RAG pipelines, fine-tuning LLMs, Training ML/DL models, data visualizations and advanced data analytics . I am proficient in Python and have a strong foundation inĀ  Machine Learning (ML) , Deep Learning (DL), and Generative AI enabling me to deliver innovative solutions and drive significant improvements in various projects.

  • Generative AI Consultancy
  • ML/DL
  • Advanced Data Analytics
Key Services

What I Do

AI Consultancy

I guide businesses through the evolving landscape of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI helping them understand and harness its potential to drive innovation and growth.

Web Development

I specialize in crafting modern web applications using leading frameworks such as React, NextJS, Django, and Flask, with a prime focus on developing intuitive interfaces for AI models.

AI Development

I specialize in assisting enterprises with the design and implementation of AI-based models, tailoring solutions to enhance operational efficiency, innovation, and competitive advantage.

Data Engineering

I provide comprehensive data engineering services, specializing in the construction of robust data pipelines, data cleaning, ETL processes, exploratory data analysis, and big data management.

Data Analytics

I offer specialized data analytics services with expertise in Power BI and Tableau, capable of managing and analyzing large datasets. My focus is on transforming complex data into clear, actionable insights that drive strategic decision-making and business growth.


I specialize in developing CI/CD pipelines for machine learning models. My expertise ensures efficient, scalable, and reliable deployment of your ML models, streamlining operations and facilitating seamless updates and management.

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